Cyber Security Challenge
This year's challenge will focus on data leakage and loss. As hacked databases and the loss of sensitive data dominate the headlines, this timely challenge will seek out and reward innovative solutions to data issues.
Recognising the increasing importance of taking a proactive approach to data protection, industry leaders Thales UK and Digital Barriers are supporting the Challenge.
"Digital Barriers is delighted to be supporting the Cyber Security Challenge. We look forward to seeing a range of innovative ideas and technologies to help ensure network integrity and combat the loss of sensitive data, which today is more critical than ever" said Giles Walker of Digital Barriers.
Tony Bull of Thales UK said, "We are delighted to be sponsoring this year's Cyber Security Challenge focusing on data leakage. We are looking forward to an interesting competition which we are confident will not only attract entrants from cyber security but also from non traditional sectors, to tackle this pressing issue of data leakage."
Thales Digital Barriers
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