Cyber Security Challenge
"Why should I sponsor a competition?"
It is expensive and high-risk for a company to rely on finding a solution internally via R&D projects. It is also expensive and time-consuming for governments or NGOs to engage the public in order to refocus current R&D attention and effort.
Sponsors of competitions have realized that giving out a prize can be a cost-effective way to find innovative solutions or engage with innovators. Thus, that a properly run competition can save time and lower internal risks.
In addition, competitions are increasingly being seen as a tool that can:
  • Create patents
  • Find outside-of-field innovation
  • Elevate ideas
  • Save money
  • Require less effort
  • Provide better solutions
Giving out prizes is an increasingly widely utilized method of finding solutions.
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Your support will allow us to spur innovation in this sector.
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Your support will allow us to spur innovation in this sector.
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Thales Digital Barriers
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