Cyber Security Challenge
The Cyber Security Challenge III is looking for ideas, solutions and technologies that can either
  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Track
  • Mitigate
Data leakage ( either in the form of data leakage protection or data loss prevention)
For example, this can be applied to data lost or leaked through:
  • Web applications
  • Lost storage devices
  • Unauthorized access to databases and back-end system
  • File-Sharing Sites
  • Clipboard misuse
  • Portable/removable media
  • Network remote access
  • Web browsing
  • Wireless Breach
  • Private data accidentally sent out
  • Cloud
Definition of Data leakage for this competition
  • The practice of identifying and tracking sensitive data. This is to ensure that only those that are authorized to handle that data can access it.
  • To make sure sensitive data does not get transmitted outside those authorized users to an external destination.
  • Monitoring and preventing sensitive data from leaving your perimeter. This includes tracking all users' actions.
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